A Simple DIY Game Feeder

I get a lot of enjoyment out of  putting out my game cam and seeing what I can catch on film.  I’ll save left over food from home to put out to see what predators come in, and recently, my friend Peter had a great idea for a do it yourself  long term game feeder.   Like all good ideas it’s simple and easy to do.  Just take a PVC pipe and cut it to a desired length – the one Peter made that I tried was about 5 feet in length and will hold a 50 pound bag of grain or more.  You could increase the length to be able to add more grain and save yourself trips out to the feeder.  The key is to place  the bottom of  the tube at ground level or just a millimeter or two above – that way the grain isn’t all over the ground in the elements, and critters can paw at the bottom to get more food taking advantage of gravity flow.   It works a lot better, in my opinion,  than the timed broadcast feeder I bought a number of years ago from Cabelas – with the broadcast feeder it’s spewing out food that is not  being eaten and I would often arrive to fill the feeder to find the entire contents had been emptied onto the ground without being eaten.  With this much simpler and cheaper method, the food stays put – dry and protected until something actually comes by to eat it.     You can see in the pictures below that I attached the pipe to the tree with just a ratchet strap, you could also use duct tape or a number of other methods.  You can also paint the PVC pipe if you feel so inclined. For the top you can use any number of items that can cover the hole to keep the elements out – I cut the top off a plastic whiskey bottle and put it over the top and it worked great.   Peter made a few of these, and I put one out for a week – I set it up quickly with just  the ratchet strap and there wasn’t a feed store open on the Sunday that I put it out, so I simply put in 10 pounds of guinea pig feed I grabbed at Wal Mart.  Corn or sweet feed for horses or any type of grain will work.    In a weeks time I had 69 pictures, the guinea pig feed was completely gone and the ground at the bottom of the feeder was pawed and dug up.  Here are some of  the best pics that I got, taken on a wildgame camera – reasonably priced as far as game cameras go, and takes good pictures –

I also wanted to add a disclaimer that feeding wildlife, especially deer over the long term is not a good idea.  I have witness several deer over the years that have died from malnutrition in the winter because of “good samaritans” that thought they were helping by putting out food.  There are some very good reasons listed here.     It should only be done on a limited short term basis.

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